Temperature Condition During Transit

Excerpt from the proposal:

(2) A carrier:

(i) Must, once the transportation operation is complete, demonstrate to the shipper and if requested, to the receiver, that it has maintained temperature conditions during the transportation operation consistent with those specified by the shipper in accordance with § 1.908(b)(3). Such demonstration may be accomplished by any appropriate means agreeable to the carrier and shipper such as the carrier presenting printouts of a time/ temperature recording device or a log of temperature measurements taken at various times during the shipment.

What’s important to gather from this excerpt is that moving forward, the carrier will be responsible for providing temperature logs. This has a unique affect on the carriers that do not track the temperatures during the route. There are many ways to sample temperatures during the delivery route if you own the trailers doing the delivery. We suggest using a NFT-2820 battery backed up temperature/gps tracking solution. This device by default gives 15 minute updates about location and temperature. Find out more about temperature monitoring.

Tracking your trailer has a variety of different benefits other than getting temperatures and locations to follow the route. It is helpful in the case of stolen assets, yard checks, and even maintenance on your trailers.

With this change coming down from the FDA, it will be important to be able to provide the information quickly should it be requested. You should note that while it does require the information be available on-site, access via the internet does count as proper access. National Fleet Trackings award winning platform (FleetTrackPro) is cloud based and available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.