Comply With Provisions For Temperature Control

If regulations require that you comply with these new provisions for temperature control, you probably wonder how you can ensure that you’re able to comply. After all, sometimes things simply get overlooked in transit and you find out upon delivery that the temperature changed enough that you have a total loss.

Using a Trailer Tracking solution that uses GPS, you have access to a few things that you haven’t had before:

  1. Constant Temperature Monitoring with updates every 5-15 minutes and more eyes than just the driver on the reefer trailer.
  2. Alerts  any time the temperature goes outside of upper or lower thresholds to any email or SMS that you request. You’ll know there’s a problem before it’s too late and can coordinate accordingly to save the product from rejection.
  3. Know location of the trailer at the point where there’s a problem to make decisions on whether the reefer engine problem can be repaired, the load needs to be transferred, or if the driver needs to keep moving to the destination.

As temperatures vary, easy modification for thresholds is important. With most platforms, it’s easy to change the high and low thresholds for alerts. A shipper will let you know the correct temperatures to avoid rejection of a load.