4 Major Components of the Food Safety Modernisation Act (FSMA)

If you own a business that handles food or a part thereof, you have to sufficiently inform yourself of the new FSMA rule. We know. It’s a little annoying that you have to think of another thing when you already have a routine that you follow to make things easy for you.

Do not stress about this. The details of the new FSMA rule isn’t that complicated. They’re basically the usual things that you do. Fundamental acts of cleanliness, if you want to make it sound a little simpler. It’s just that the Food and Drug Administration just tightened their watch over everyone involved in the supply chain of food products.

While we say that the changes brought about by the rule are fundamental, a lot of work still needs to be done so that you and your business remains compliant and free from violations. You might feel some bumps here and there. You may also need to alter the way you transact business with your partners. However, as long as you keep in mind the major components of the new rule, you should sleep well at night knowing that you’re already on the right track. Below are the rules:

Prevention Mechanisms

It is essential that you detail how you are going to be managing your business in such a way that you prevent health risks. The FDA will require an actual plan from your end that sufficiently shows that you will be able to keep the risks to a minimum. In particular, the FDA is looking for specific strategies and protocols that are devised to address problems that may come about. Furthermore, it is necessary that you maintain a record of the implementation of your plan.

Inspections and remaining compliant

As an enforcement protocol, of the FDA, there will be more frequent actions done by the association geared towards reprimanding negligent food handlers, producers, and transporters. There will be an expansion of the frequency of inspections, sampling activities, product testing, and information keeping and monitoring. The rule is so tight that there’s actually a possibility that if your business was found to be negligent, the FDA could stop your business operations immediately, freeze your assets, and take you to court.

Importing Food Products

If you produce, handle, or transport food that comes from abroad, you need to have all the food tested and checked for edibility. This shouldn’t be argued now, should it? You never really know what kind of things come with the food you import. It may have harmful micro organisms that could cause an epidemic to America. That’s why the FDA is going to be more meticulous about the food we bring into the country. How they’re going to do this is through the placing of accredited auditing parties.


Finally, the FDA has been given the power to recall food products. This means that they can immediately pull out your money-makers once they find that your products have violated safety rules. Furthermore, they can even put a stop to the production, handling, and transportation of products that are suspected of being unsafe to the public. They can even put a stop to your business operations by suspending your business license.